Urinary Tract Infection in Men and Women, Cystitis, Causes, Signs and Natural Cure

Just before I delve into it, a background knowledge on the exact definition and description of the urinary tract is necessary. So what is the urinary tract? The urinary tract is the passage through which waste products, specifically urine, is passed out of the body. The urinary tract system works as a collection of organs including the kidney, tubes, bladder and urethra to ease out of the body urine derived from the separation of urea and other fluids from the blood. A urinary tract infection occurs when any of these organ is infected. The bladder and the kidney are the most commonly affected part of the urinary tract. When the infection affects the bladder, it is known as cystitis or lower urinary tract infection; it is called an upper urinary tract infection or pyelonephritis if the kidney is infected.


UTI natural remedies

Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection

Following are few symptoms of UTI

  • Constant urination
  • Urine containing pus
  • Painful urination
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Pain above the pubic bone
  • Burning when urinating
  • Dark, cloudy or bloody urine
  • Fever or chills
  • Having the feeling you want to urinate even with an empty bladder.

While these symptoms are common to both the lower and upper urinary tract infection, patients suffering, a patient suffering from upper urinary tract infection may show more symptoms including occasional bloody urine, flank pains and fever.

Causes of UTI 

Some of the causes include

∇ Bacteria, Fungi and Virus

Several pathogens in the gut contribute to urinary tract infections. Such pathogens include Staphylococcus aureas and saprophyticus species, Candida albicans, enterococcus, Uropathogenic E. coli and many others.

∇ Sex

Going by the statistics Urinary tract Infection is very common amongst sexually active women. The statistics show a high rate of bladder infection amongst women traced to frequency of sex during early marriage.

∇ Female Anatomy

The fact that the urethra in females is shorter and close to the anus puts females at greater risk of having urinary tract infection. It is easy for bacteria to enter into the urethral opening from the anus. Also oestrogen level decreases as women advance in age and attain menopause. This decrese in oestrogen level also predisposes women to urinary tract infections as the vaginal flora which would have countered the entrance of bacteria from also diminishes with the drop in estrogen level. Men only risk having urinary tract infection if they do suffer from chronic prostatis.

∇ Urinary Catheters

The chances of Bacterial infecting the urinary tract is high with the use of urinary cathethers as an obstructed or closed cathether can grow septic.


Natural remedies for the treatment of Urinary Tract Infection

There are so many options as far as natural alternatives for treating urinary tract infection is concerned. Here are 5 of them you can try to get rid of the infections in your urinary tract.


1. Take probioticsProbiotics for UTI

Rather than taking antibiotics, take foods take foods that replenish the population of beneficial bacteria in your urinary tract; the more of them you have , the more your bod’s resistance to infectious pathogens in your gut. While antibiotics kill beneficial bacteria, probiotics creates the conditions for them to flourish. Natural probiotic sources include yogurt, kefir and raw cheese.


2. Avoid using spermicideAvoid spermicide for UTI

The use of spermicide creates the conditions for infectious bacteria to thrive in your system; they also eliminate vaginal flora and cause irritation. The same is also true of unlubricated contraceptives. Using well lubricated contraceptives void of spermicides greatly reduces the risk of contracting urinary tract infections.


3. Maintaining good genital hygieneGood genital hygiene for UTI

Keeping good genital hygiene helps reduce the risk of bacteria from the anus entering the urethra opening. After urination and excretion, females should wipe off the genital area from front to back; this way bacteria is kept off the urethra opening and the vagina. It is also good hygiene to wear breathable underwears; this keep the vulva dry and prevent moist conditions that encourage the accumulation of bacteria.



4. Take garlic teaGarlic tea for uti

Garlic contains active antibacterial and anti-fungal agents like allicin that are very offensive to even the most resistant bacteria. To treat urinary tract infection, take a cup of garlic tea once everyday. It is prepared by crunching two cloves of garlic and adding them to 8 oz of water; allow the cloves soak in the hot water for about five minutes before drinking up.



5. Drinking water and urinating so oftenDrink more water and urinate more

These are two natural calls that cost you nothing yet are so vital to keeping a healthy gut and urinary tract. Studies have established that dehydration encourages pathogens to fester just as declining the urge to urinate allows bacteria from urine stored in the bladder enough time to carry out pathogenic activities. To deny pathogens any time to settle in your urinary tract, it is recommended that you keep the tract flowing by taking water regularly and urinating as soon as you have the urge. This helps flush out pathogens in the tract before they become infectious.





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