Home Remedies for Head Lice

Head lice are tiny parasites which live on the human head and feed themselves by the blood of the human beings. When lice start multiplying and a large number of head lice live on the head of a single person then this condition is called infestation. Where do head lice come from? Head lice can come from coming in close contact with the infected person and also by sharing the personal items like combs, brushes, helmets, clothing, and earphones and also by sharing bedding.


Home remedies to get rid of head lice


Head Lice Symptoms

  • Lice eggs usually appear visibly on the head
  • The lice and lice eggs vary in color from white to brown or grey
  • Lice eggs are oval in shape and stick to the hair and don’t move further
  • Itching
  • Frequent scratching can cause broken skin
  • Sores on the scalp
  • Lymph nodes may swell
  • Tender nodes
  • Crust over broken skin

These symptoms may indicate the presence of head lice in your hair.


Home Remedies for Head Lice

  • Garlic

Garlic for head liceIt has a very strong smell which can suffocate the lice and ultimately kill them. Grid 8 or 10 garlic and mix it in lemon juice and then apply it thoroughly on the scalp. Leave the mixture on your head for half an hour and then rinse it with hot water. Comb your hair with a lice comb and then you will find lice and nits on the comb out of your head.



  • Olive oil

Olive oil for head liceIt will kill the head lice immediately. Before going to bed, apply any kind of olive oil to your head. Comb your hair and you will get the tiny parasites on the lice comb. Wash your hair after that. Use this method on a weekly basis.







  • Salt

Salt for head liceYou can get rid of the head lice using desiccation method by salt. Mix one tablespoon salt and one-quarter cup of vinegar together and slightly spray the solution to your head. Put a shower cap on your head and leave this mixture on your head for two hours. After that wash and condition your hair.




  • Tree tea Oil

tea tree oil for head liceIt is an essential oil which is a natural insecticide. Mix one tablespoon of tree tea oil and one ounce of natural shampoo and three tablespoons of coconut or olive oil. Apply this solution throughout your hair and then leave it for two hours. Rinse thoroughly with water after that.




  • Mayonnaise 

mayonnaise for head liceApply mayonnaise to your head for 3-4 hours. Cover your head with towel or shower cap and leave it there for some time. If it is not coming out easily, use baby oil to remove it and then use lice comb to remove lice. Do this at least twice a week to completely get rid of head lice.


  • Head Lice Shampoo

Head lice shampooThe most common way to treat head lice is to use head lice shampoo and then comb your hair with a lice comb. It will help you in getting rid of lice and nits in hair.






If you face lice infestation then you can go to a doctor and get professional treatment from the physician.

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