10 Most Natural and Effective Ways to Protect Yourself from CORONA VIRUS

CORONA VIRUS, also known as SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID – 19 have been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organisation, breaking havoc on lives and economies in the world. Corona Viruses are remarkably fragile. They can thrive easily for weeks or months below freezing temperatures. But they die quickly when they are exposed to high temperatures. Rising temperatures create a hostile  environment for most respiratory viruses and they quickly disappear.


Effective ways to stay away from Corona Virus

Corona Virus Symptoms

Symptoms of   may appear two to 14 days after exposure. Get yourself checked when and if you experience these symptoms:

  • Dry cough
  • Runny nose
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Persistent pain in the chest

Call your doctor immediately:  If you think you have any of the above symptoms, call your healthcare provider for medical advice.


10 Effective Ways to Protect Yourself  from Corona Virus

You can take the following steps to reduce the risk of getting infected by Corona Virus as there is no specific vaccine or medication available to protect yourself from the virus.

1. Take Lots Of Vitamin CVitamin C for Corona Virus

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps prevent and treat all kinds of colds and boosts immune system. It provides immunity against all kinds of diseases. Lack of Vitamin C in your body can make you more prone to getting sick. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits such as orange, kiwi, lemon, guava, grapefruit, strawberries and vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and capsicums.



2. Drink Immune Boosting Drinks DailyImmune boosting drinks for Corona Virus

Make it a habit to drink at least one glass of fresh juice which can help you boost your immune system. Believe me, no disease can come near to a person with a healthy immune system. You can drink a combination of the following juices daily in the morning.

  • Apple, carrot and orange
  • Orange and grapefruit
  • Homemade tomato juice
  • Kale, tomato and celery
  • Beetroot, carrot, ginger, turmeric
  • Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry-kiwi and mint
  • Spinach, lettuce and kale


3. Blackseed Tea Black seed tea for Corona Virus

Blackseed is known to help boost the immune system. It acts as antihistamine and fights cancer and lessen allergic reactions. People used it for its medicinal properties. Drinking black-seed tea daily in the morning can keep you away from getting affected by Corona Virus. All you have to do is take one cup of hot boiling water and add 4 – 5 black-seeds and drink it as the first thing in the morning. You will not only get affected by Corona Virus or any other disease, you will see visible changes in your overall health as well.



4. DatesDates for Corona Virus

Numerable health benefits of dates has made this fruit the most sought after foods in the world of health and nutrition. Dates are an excellent source of vitamins and energy, sugar and full of fiber. It also contains various minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and zinc and iron. Dates can also fight anemia. You should try to add dates in your daily diet or make a date smoothie and drink it daily in the morning.



5. Lemon Water Lemon water for Corona Virus

Lemon is the richest source of Vitamin C. By drinking lukewarm lemon water as the first thing in the morning, allows your body to absorb the nutrients effectively, giving your an immunity boost to start off your day. All you have to do is, take one lemon, cut it into half and mix it in one glass of lukewarm warm water. This will protect you from all kinds of diseases and you will feel healthy and active.






6. Salt Water GarglingSalt water gargle for Corona Virus

Even if you don’t have symptoms or signs of Corona Virus, it is always better to take precautions and gargling with salt water is one of them. Research has shown that before Corona Virus reaches the lungs, it remains in the throat for four days and at this time the person begins to cough and start having throat pains. At this point, gargling with warm salt water helps eliminate the virus. Just take 1/4 teaspoon of salt and mix it in one cup of lukewarm water and gargle daily.


7. GarlicGarlic for Corona Virus

Garlic has been used for ages as both a food ingredient and a medicine. It contains allicin which is widely known for its antibacterial properties. Taking garlic or garlic supplements on a daily basis helps you stay away from many kinds of diseases including Corona Virus. All you need to do is increase garlic in your diet and that’s it!





8. Elderberry SupplementsElderberry for Corona Virus

Elderberry is one of the most widely used medicinal plants in the world. It is known to treat infections, whereas the ancient Egyptians used it to lighten their complexions and heal burns. The flowers and berries of elderberry contain vitamins and are full of antioxidants. They help in reducing inflammation and also help protect your heart. Today, elderberry is most widely known fruit to treat cold and flu symptoms. Just take elderberry juice or take supplements and this will help you protect from Corona Virus.



 9. Barley WaterBarley Water for Corona Virus

Barley water is consumed in some countries as a staple diet because of its numerous health benefits. It is made from water that has been cooked with barley. Most of the people mix sweeteners or fruit juice with barley water to improve the taste. Drinking barley water or barley tea helps boost your immunity and keeps you overall healthy and fit. You should consume it on a daily basis especially now-a-days to keep yourself away from Corona Virus.


10. Take PrecautionsPrecautions for Corona Virus

Along with all of the above natural treatments,you should also be taking precautions in order to keep yourself away from the virus. Here are a few precautionary measures you have to take to keep yourself away from Corona Virus

  • Eliminate face touching – fingers transfer the virus to your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Triple your hand washing time – only 5% adults wash their hands properly
  • Get enough sleep – at least 7 hours daily
  • Exercise regularly at home – aim for 30 mins everyday
  • No handshakes – handshaking transfers 10 times more germs than fist bumping
  • Disinfect surfaces – let the surface remain wet 3 minutes prior to drying
  • Improve your Air Quality – Viruses dislike humid air so use humidifier
  • Meditate – good for your immune system
  • Drink 2 liters of Water – flushes the toxins from your body




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