What is Asbestosis And How Dangerous it is?

Asbestosis is a disease when the lungs are plunging due to asbestos fibers. It generates breathing trouble and interrupts oxygen exchange from lungs to blood. This disease requires a long tenure to develop and it can be lethal. This disease is also known as pulmonary fibrosis or interstitial pneumonitis. Asbestosis is caused due to exposure of lead and asbestos in the working place of the patient. Patients with asbestosis are likely to develop lung cancer (mesothelioma) in future so it is always best to control it at the beginning.



Symptoms of Asbestosis

The symptoms start after 10- 40 years of exposure to asbestos and lead. It includes

• Breath shortness

• Toughness of chest

• Dry cough

• Chest pain

• Loss of appetite

• Enlargement of figure tips

• Deformities of nails

• Sputum production


Causes of Asbestosis

The major cause of asbestosis is inhalation of asbestos. It is also called industrial pulmonary fibrosis. This asbestos gets converted into fibers and these fibers are emerged into the lungs, forming scars on the lungs. These scars prevent lungs from expanding. When lungs are restricted to expand they are unable to take in the oxygen. An low oxygen intake will result in hypoxia.


Prevention of Asbestosis

A well-balanced diet must be eaten and the patient has to stay hydrated. Patient must take an adequate sleep and rest during the day. Tobacco and other air pollution must be strictly avoided. In asbestosis, the patient’s lung capacity is reduced due to deposition of asbestos fibers. Hence supplemental oxygen is necessary to fulfill the oxygen requirement. Lungs transplantation is also an option. But it is a last resort treatment for asbestosis.


Treatment through Natural Cure

Here a few natural cure and remedies to get rid of asbestosis naturally. But don’t rely on them only, they will speed up the healing process but do get proper treatment at the same time too…


1. OnionOnion for asbestosis

Onion is the most used and popular vegetable worldwide. It is a rich source of sulphur and its active component is quercetin. Patients suffering from Asbestosis should consume one onion per day in their diet, this can reduce cancer cell formation and scavenge free radicals responsible for cancerous cells.



2. Vitamin CVitamin C for asbestosis

Vitamin C is one of the most effective vitamins for many diseases. It produces collagen fibers inside the body. These collagens hold the body and prevent tumor formation. Being rich source on antioxidant it helps in neutralizing free radicals and avoid growth of cancer cells.



3. Cat’s ClawCats Claw for Asbestosis

This is a topical vine basically found in South America. It’s thorns resemble a cat’s claws hence the name, ‘cat’s claw’ . Initially they used it for for contraception, to cure different kinds of cancer, inflammation and viral infections. It is anti-proliferative and anti-mutagenic vine, very effective against asbestosis. Cat’s claw works by boosting the immune system.



4. Asparagus RootAsparagus root for asbestosis

Asparagus treats a variety of illnesses including toothache, cancer, parasites, and many more. Traditional Chinese used Asparagus root to cure dry mouth, cough and constipation. Asparagus prevent tumor formation in lungs and also help in asbestosis. You have to take it in the form of decoction or in tea. It also helps in reduction of inflammation of the lungs.



5. CelandineCelandine for Asbestosis

Ancient Asians used Celandine as a herbal medication because of its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. Celandine is a plant, which belongs to the poppy family. Celandine cures gall bladder issues, skin diseases like eczema, dry/whooping cough and other digestion issues. Asbestosis patients should make Celandine tea or use it as a tincture for fast and effective results. It boosts the immune system and inhibits tumor formation in the lungs. .







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