What Causes Warts? Causes, Pictures and Home Remedies for Warts

Wart is a viral infection that causes little hard bulges on the skin caused by human papilloma virus. These are small, painless, rough bumps on skin. These small growths have the characteristics of rhyming with the skin complexion so that it is difficult to pick their spot on your skin from a distance. When you are infected with warts, the growths spread everywhere including the sole of your feet. A typical wart bump isn’t so painful; you may only experience pains if you have them under your feet obviously because there is pressure on them when you walk.

Warts natural remedies

Types of Warts

∇ Common wart

Common wart grows in very susceptible places like the hand. However, they could also grow in any other part of the body. You can easily identify them by their roughened surface. Scientifically, they bear the name, Verruca vulgaris, but in regular parlance, they are referred to as Palmer wart.


∇ Flat wart (Verruca plana)

The major feature of this type of wart is that they have a flat surface as against the raced bulging surface of the common wart. The flesh colour they come with makes them look elusive on your skin. They would commonly appear on the wrist, knee, neck, face and hand.


∇ Filiform or digitate wart

They commonly appear in threads in parts of the body with soft tender skin covering. Such places include the eyelids and lips.


∇ Genital wart

As the name suggests is a type of wart that appears on the genitals; it is otherwise called venereal wart.


∇ Mosaic wart

This type of warts appear in clusters on the hands and soles of the feet.


∇ Periungual wart

Your nails can also be infested by warts; the type of warts that appear on the nail is the periungual wart. They appear more like cauliflower clusters on your nail.


∇ Plantar wart

You may experience pains with this type of wart as they appear only on places that come under a lot of pressure and abuse. These parts include the soles of the feet and the palms. Plantar warts appear as lumps with multiple black speckles at the center.


Natural Remedies for the Treatment of Warts

Though warts are viral skin infection that appears harmless, it’s not something you want to desire. If it has suddenly surfaced on your skin, there are home-made solutions you can apply to cure them. But the most prevalent of these natural therapies is aromatherapy, the use of natural oils to cure skin infections. Below is a list of some rich natural oils and other therapeutic remedies to treating wart…


1. Lemongrass essential oilLemongrass essential oil for warts

Different oils through the ages have remained effective therapies for curing skin infection and lemon grass oil is one that have stood out as a versatile solution that can be used to treat different health conditions. Owing to its rich anti-viral, anti-bacteria and antioxidant component, it is so effective at fighting the human papiloma virus responsible for warts. You can use it topically by rubbing on your skin once every day.


2. Thyme essential oilThyme essential oil for warts

The oil that can be best described as the antidote to wart is thyme oil. There is just no type of wart it cannot cure. It is known to have a thorough and exhaustive cleansing power against wart. It not only kills the causal virus, it also deflates and dries off wart bumps. You can mix two drops with other oils before rubbing them on after bathing.


3. Oregano essential oilOregano essential oil for warts

Oil extracted from Oregano, a common food spice, also posses multiple therapeutic components. It works as an antibiotics, pain reliever, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral supplement. It also has anti-inflammatory properties but can be very harsh on the skin, though. But you want to look at that from the positive angle as its corrosive characteristics makes it consume and dry off wart bumps in no time. The direction for use is to add 4 drops to 2 teaspoons of olive oil before applying it on your skin.


4. Tea Tree Oiltea tree oil for warts

Tea tree oil is another aromatic therapy with antiviral properties. It contains Teapernen-4, a strong Human papilo virus retardant. With tee tree oil, swelling and irritation is reduced to the barest minimum. The direction for use of tea tree oil is somewhat different. If you want to get the best result, coat each bump of wart with tea tree oil by soaking cotton in it and applying round the bump, keep the cotton on it by taping a bandage over it; preferably the application should be done just before going to bed so that you can have the bandage on all night; this treatment procedure makes using tree tea oil more suitable for planther wart as you may only be able to bandage few specific spots.


5. Banana PeelBanana peel for warts

Incredible as it sounds, it is one of the fastest ways to deal with warts. A banana peel may be only thought good enough for the trash bin but for people who know it has therapeutic value put it into some better use as a treatment for wart. Banana peels are said to still contain proteolytic enzymes effective at dissolving wart bumps. You just scrape the inside of the peel and apply on the wart each day until you get results.



Wart is not something you are proud to have on your skin even though it may not hurt. As soon as you have the infection, you can clear them off the quick natural remedial solutions that have been suggested here.


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