10 Unbelievable Benefits Of Vaseline

Vaseline has been used since ages for chapped lips but no one knew the variety of health benefits it has to offer. I have compiled a list of ‘tried and tested’ vaseline benefits which no one knew before. You can implement these in uses in your daily-routine to get the best of skin it.


Benefits of vaseline


1. Grows Eyelashes

Vaseline for eyelash growthVaseline is an effective remedy for eyelashes growth. All you need to do is apply some vaseline at night before going to bed every night. This will make your lashes luscious and thick. Try it for a month and notice the positive results.




 2. Smooths Cracked Heels

Vaseline for heelsI love this remedy of vaseline of making my cracked feet smoother and softer like never before. It’s really simple and effective. Just put a lot of vaseline on the cracked heels at night before going to sleep and put your socks on. The next morning remove your socks and see visible changes in your heels. If your heels are still not smooth, try giving it one more try and voila!



3. Eases Eyebrow Plucking

Vaseline for eyebrow pluckingBefore plucking your eyebrows dab a little amount of vaseline on it and then start plucking. The pain will tame unbelievably and the eyebrows will come out very easily.




4. Makes Excellent Lip gloss 

Vaseline for making lip glossIf you have a favorite lipstick which is matte, you can convert it into a lip gloss with all the glossy effect that a lip gloss has. Just take a small amount of lipstick (cut a very little piece) and mix with a good amount of vaseline. Mix it and apply the gloss on your lips. This will give a luscious effect on lips as well.




5. Make Your Own False Lashes

Vaseline as false lashesNo need to buy a pair of false lashes if you have vaseline at home. Take a little amount of vaseline and cover your eye lashes with it. Now apply mascara on your lashes. You will feel the false lash effect immediately. And the best part is no hassle of glue as you can just clean it with a makeup remover.




6. Make Your Shoes Shine

Vaseline as shoe shinerNo need to spend money on shoe shiners and polishes as you can make one now at home. For this you will just need a brush and some vaseline. Put some amount of vaseline on the shoe and polish it with a brush. You will be amazed to see the results.




7. Removes Cuticle

Vaseline for cuticlesIf you don’t have a cuticle remover or haven’t had a manicure done since a long time, don’t worry vaseline will do the work. Take a small quantity of vaseline and apply on your cuticles. This will make them less prominent and you can enjoy putting nail polish on.



8. Heals Wounds

Vaseline for woundsVaseline is an excellent ointment for wounds. Whenever there is any cut or wound just take a small amount of vaseline and apply on it. The moisture in vaseline will speed up the healing process.





9. Moisturizes Skin

Vaseline as moisturizerIf you have run out of moisturizer, don’t worry as vaseline is there to help. After washing your face at night take a small amount of vaseline and apply all over your face. The next day you will feel your skin to be softer and smoother.





10. Prevents Nappy Rashes

Vaseline for nappy rashVaseline works amazingly in preventing nappy rashes in babies. Just apply a small amount of vaseline on baby’s bottom before putting on a new diaper.




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