What is Syphilis? Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatment

Syphilis is a highly transmittable disease mostly spread by sexual activities including the oral and anal sex. The disease can be often passed on to another person by prolonged kissing and bodily contact as well. It is a type of STD which cannot be spread by bathtubs, shared utensils, swimming pools, sharing clothing etc. Pregnant women can often spread this disease to their child which can also cause the death of the child.

Syphilis Symptoms and Treatment

How common is Syphilis?

It was once a major threat to life causing many major lifelong problems like brain damage, arthritis, and blindness. The number of cases of this STD has been seen increasing from the year 2013 to 2018.

Syphilis Symptoms

• Enlarged lymph nodes

• Sores in mouth, anus, and vagina

• Hair loss

• A headache

• Fever

• Fatigue

• Aches in muscles

• Brain problems

• Numbness

• Stroke

• Dementia

• Personality changes

• Heart valve diseases

• Inflammation

• Symptoms in men include frequent urination and pain in the testicles

These are common syphilis symptoms which are also similar to gonorrhea symptoms. Gonorrhea is another STD which affects majorly the similar parts of the body as syphilis. Syphilis and gonorrhea are common STDs which affect the life of people.

When is Syphilis Test Recommended?

Syphilis test is recommended if

• A man makes love with a man

• You are a pregnant woman

• When you are HIV positive and still sexually active

• You are on PrEP for the prevention of HIV

Syphilis Treatment – Home Remedies

Here are some herbal remedies for this disease

Corchorus Fascicularis

Corchorus fascicularis for syphilisTake 10 grams of Hirankhuri booti or corchorus fascicularis and grind it. Mix the ground ingredient with water with almost 5 grains of pepper. Strain the mixture and then consume it for over 3 weeks. This is an effective cure for syphilis treatment.




Yellow Thistle or Satyanasi

Syphilis treatmentTake 10 grams of Satyanasi and grind it. Mix it with water and pepper. You will get the desired results if you consume this mixture regularly for some weeks.








Garlic for syphilisGarlic is an effective ingredient for multiple illnesses in curing syphilis and other common STDs. It is one of the greatest syphilis cures. Consuming garlic has many health benefits so one should incorporate garlic in his daily diet.



Nigand Babri

Nigand babri for syphilisTake 20 grams of this ingredient and mix it with 10 gram of pepper and keep it overnight. Consume this mixture next morning straining it. It is one of the most successful remedies for syphilis symptoms.






Blue Vitriol

Blue vitriol for syphilisIt is one of the most valuable syphilis cures available till now. Consume the calx of blue vitriol in the dose of one decigram two times in a day with butter or with cream. The patients to not take water for few hours.






Indian pennywort

Indian pennywort for syphilisThis is a herb which is effective in curing common STDs. It helps to alleviate ulcers which are amongst the syphilis symptoms.






Apart from taking antibiotics, you can try the herbal remedies for curing the syphilis symptoms. The Tuskegee syphilis study was conducted to check the progression of untreatable disease Syphilis. STD check is very important to prevent your sexual partner from this disease. Well, it is better to consult the doctor before you decide to cure the disease on your own!


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