What Causes Snoring and Home Remedies to Stop Snoring

You probably have heard somebody make that loud annoying sound when they sleep, yes, most times you say they are snoring; you can’t put up with it and I can’t either. Most of the times, people who snore rarely admit it, understandably because it is an unconscious activity. Snoring is not an infection rather it is a vibration in the respiratory system caused by an obstruction to the air a person breathes while sleeping.


Home remedies for snoring

Causes of Snoring

The primary cause of snoring is the partial blockage of the airway by a relaxed uvula and soft palate resulting in restricted airflow and vibrations. However snoring can be caused by other secondary factors including:

• Weakness of the throat.
• Fats around the throat as a result of Obesity.
• Jaw out of position as a result of a tensed muscle.
• Lack of sleep
• Alcohol intake
• Blocked nasal pathway
• Wrong position of the tongue as a result of sleeping with your back on the ground.
• Obstructive sleep apnea


Natural remedies for treating snoring

If you want to stop snoring or help a friend stop snoring, the easiest way out of it is to identify the cause; you should be able to pick out a factor responsible from the list of probable causes of snoring listed above. Thankfully all of the factors listed above can be corrected by doing things differently; you don’t need any medications, here are the easy natural fixes.


1. Reduce Weight

Reduce weight to stop snoring

If you trace the cause of your snoring to obesity, probably you have too much fat around your throat, the answer to it as straight forward as cutting down on excess weight. Do this and you will see changes in your snoring.





2. Stop the alcohol intakeNo alcohol to stop snoring

You weaken the muscles at the back of your throat with every alcohol intake; in your state of rest it loses stability and begins to waver as you breathe thereby causing vibrations that result in snoring. There is enough prove to show that people who don’t snore begin to snore after taking alcohol; it is even worse if it is taken about 5 hours to bed time. So alcohol intake does your sleeping habit a great harm. Stop its consumption right away!



3. Get rid of the block in your nasal pathwayClear nasal passage to stop snoring

A clogged nasal passage can also lead to snoring. Nasal conditions like having a catarrh can clog up the respiratory passage; apart from the vibration of the mucus as air flows through the respiratory pathway, air is also forced to move faster which all culminates in a even louder snore. So you want to stop snoring, get rid of the mucus by blowing out before going to bed. Other ways of opening up the respiratory passage is to take a hot bath and rinse your nose with salt water.



4. Get your sleeping position rightCorrect sleeping position to stop snoring

You get it all wrong when you lie on your back. You most likely can’t stop the snoring in this position as your tongue’s base and soft palate reclines to the back wall of your throat as you breath thereby causing vibration. The right sleeping position is to sleep sideways. If there are no other factors that result in snoring, you should stop storing when you sleep on your side.



5. Stay HydratedStay hydrated for snoring

Drinking water ever so often does no harm but rather offers lot of health benefits; as it concerns snoring, taking lots of water before going to bed helps prevent having thick nasal secretions in the nose and soft palate which bumps up in the way of air as you breathe while asleep.



So it’s been provided all for you, all you can do to stop that annoying sound. Whether for you, for a friend or your partner, these natural remedies should do the magic.

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