Sciatica Causes, Symptoms, Pain Relief from Natural Treatment

Do you experience severe pains running from your lower back through your legs? And still at a loss what to do to help yourself out of the condition? The medical term to describe intense pain originating from the lower back felt throughout the leg is Sciatica. This pain emanates from the tear on an intervertebrae disc ring as a result of the compression of some nerve roots in the lumber or sacral vertebrae of the spinal cord. You will normally feel a sharp pain travel at a speed of light along the neural pathway from the lower back through your knee to the foot.


Sciatica, causes, symptoms and natural relief

Signs and Symptoms of Sciatica

Some common signs of sciatica are

  • Lower back pain
  • Pain in the ear or legs
  • Hip pain, especially worst when sitting
  • Weakness and numbness of the leg
  • Difficulty in moving the leg
  • Pain and inflammation around thighs
  • Shooting pain from hip to foot


Causes of Sciatica

1. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the motions a baby makes in the womb may put pressure on the mother’s sciatica nerve thereby causing her severe back pain and numbness of the leg. It is potentially threatening to the balance of the mother as she risks frequent falls not only detrimental to her health but also to that of the fetus due to loss of sensitivity in the leg.

2. Lumber Spinal Stenosis

Under certain conditions, the passage through which the spinal cord runs can narrow. The narrowing of the spinal canal can be due to conditions like herniated disc, inflammation, bone spurs and spondylolisthesis. When the spinal canal narrows, it puts pressure on the spinal cord; the pains from the closing up of the spinal canal passage on the spinal cord is relayed to the branches of sciatic neurons that runs from the spine down to your legs

3. Spinal disc herniation

Sciatica can also occur where the spinal disc, a cushioning cartilage between two vertebrae of the spinal cord, is torn in such a way that it protrudes and presses against the sacral nerve roots. The tear and protrusion of the spinal disc is referred to as a herniation. The injury to the spinal disc can however heal up and withdraw to its normal position.

4. Piriformis Syndrome

This type of Sciatica arises out of the displacement of the sciatica nerve from running beneath the piriformis muscle; the sciatica nerve now rather runs through it. Pain is felt whenever the piriformis muscle spasms to compress the sciatic nerve. The piriformis muscle is located somewhere in the buttocks, so most times, patients feel the pain when they sit or tuck an item like a wallet in their back pocket; it’s the reason why it is called ‘wallet sciatica’ in common parlance.


Natural Remedies for the Treatment of Sciatica

  • Be mobileBe mobile to get rid of sciatica

    You allow the tears or inflammation of the spinal disc hernia to fester when you are used to sitting static at a spot for hours. To experience improvements in pain relieve and to enhance the quick healing of the spinal hernia. Move around and practice light exercises that stretch the torn discs. This way, hormones are released faster to cover up the tear and fit the disc back to position.


  • Avoid conditions that contribute to spinal disc herniationLifestyle changes in sciatica

    For sciatica to heal up faster, identify the environmental factors that one or the other could have contributed to the tearing and inflammation your spinal disc and avoid. Taking a remedial treatment therapy and remaining in conditions that are risk factors for having sciatica would make the treatment process counter- productive; you won’t just see any significant improvement. Risk factors like obesity extended sitting posture and mental stress. You should also pay attention to eating nutrient-rich diet to help speed up healing tears and prevention of inflammation.


  • Massage therapyMassage therapy for sciatica

    Massage therapy is a popular traditional approach to releasing emotional stress and muscle relaxation. Thankfully its methods and processes also help relief pain naturally by releasing a pleasure hormone, endorphin. Acupuncture is equally a traditional treatment method for relieving body stress and pains by the symmetrical arrangement of needles along the body’s major energy pathways. This Chinese treatment therapy, though lacking medical back-up, have been known to mitigate pain, relax the muscles and normalize the blood circulation in the body.


  • Chiropractic Spinal ManipulationChiropractor-for-sciatica

    If the result of diagnosis reveals a bulging spinal disc, a chiropractor is particularly skilled in the area realigning the spinal vertebrae through a series of manipulative processes. Studies have shown that sciatica patients who opted for chiropractic therapy recorded better results in terms of pain relief and faster recovery periods.


  • YogaYoga for sciatica

    The series of spine stretching movements in yoga have got a lot to offer you when it comes to easing stiffness, preventing inflammation and relieving pains. A lot of the traditional sit up and stretch positions elongating the spines while exercising the sciatic nerves.





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