What is Ringworm? How to get rid of it Naturally

Ringworm is a fungal infection that affects the skin; the medical term for ringworm is Dermatophytosis, Ringworm shows close signs and symptoms with other skin infections like psoriasis and pityriasis rosea; so, a microscopic medical examination is often needed for accurate diagnosis. It is a contagious disease that can spread from one person to another and a zoonotic disease that can transferred between man and animal.


What is a ringworm?

Signs and Symptoms of Ringworm

Below are some common symptoms of ringworm

• Itching on the skin
• Red scaly circular rash
• Restlessness
• Thickening, discoloring and cracking of nails
• Bald patches may develop on scalp
• Blisters may develop on patches
• Severe skin irritation


Cause of Ringworm

Ringworm is generally caused by fungi but there are over forty types of fungi that can cause ringworm. These fungi breed in moist and warm parts of the body like skin folds and places like swimming pools. Moist warm objects like tanning beds may also carry the fungi. So evidently, sharing personal objects and unsterilized objects and utilities for public use aids the spread of causal fungi.


Natural Treatment Remedies for the Cure of Ringworm

You don’t have to bear the mesmerizing and embarrassing itching of ringworm patches on your skin for much longer; with these easy -to-make home-made treatment solutions, you can get rid ringworm in no time. Thankfully, ringworm can be cured by accessing a number of treatment options. Here is a list of five proven natural therapies for the cure of ringworm.

1. Aloe Vera TherapyAloe vera for ringworm

Aloe-vera gel has proven to be a potent antifungus. As a matter of fact, it has been found out to possess six broad spectrum anti-agents. They are good retardants against viral, bacteria and fungi infections. Applying the gel on the itchy swollen spots reduces the irritation and eventually dries off the patch.


2. Turmeric TherapyTurmeric for ringworm

Turmeric apart from being an anti-inflammatory agent also has anti-fungi properties when used for topical applications. The direction for use is to make a paste from the mixture of the curcumin part of it with a bit of coconut oil or water; apply it to the ringworm path and allow it to dry up before rinsing off. Doing this once every day would completely kill the ringworm fungi and eliminate its patch on the skin.


3. Garlic TherapyGarlic for ringworm

The use of garlic is another natural home-made remedy for curing ringworm. Garlic contains —————— very effective a fighting infections. To use garlic as a topical treatment on the skin, grind it into paste and mix with coconut oil; apply the mixture on the ringworm patch and leave it for about two hours. Do this twice daily until you see results.



 4. Coconut Oil LotionCoconut oil for ringworm

Coconut oil is often a preventive skin treatment against infection; but even when you have an infection like ringworm, you can use it in isolation as a topical treatment as its fatty acids kills fungi cells by destroying their membrane.



5. Lemon Grass OilLemon grass oil for ringworm

Most fungi infections can’t stand the active fungi retardant component of Lemon Grass oil; mix Lemon grass oil with ointment before applying on the ringworm patches for best results.





There is a high chance of contacting the infection if you regularly share personal objects like towels and shoes with others or regularly use public utilities like swimming pools, sport machines or bathroom and toilet. You could also contact the fungi if you have a weak immune system, have regular contact with animals, sweat profusely or regularly engage in contact sport.


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