Preterm Birth and Natural Ways to Avoid / Prevent it

The birth of a baby before the completion of the 37 weeks natural gestation period is referred to as preterm birth. Premature birth is another associated name given to this birth condition while babies that result from the birth disorder are regarded as preemies.

Natural ways to avoid preterm birth


Symptoms of Preterm Birth

Before preterm birth occur, pregnant women go through preterm labor which gives early warning signs including
• More frequent uterine contractions within the space of an hour
• Cervical dilation
• Vaginal bleeding in third trimester
• Heavy pressure in the pelvis
• Watery discharge from the vagina


Causes of Premature Birth

While there is no particular cause of preterm birth, some conditions and factors have been identified as increasing the risk of having a preterm birth. These factors are classified into the following


    Research suggests that the more a mother suffers infection during pregnancy, the higher her chances of having a preterm birth. Women during pregnancy are predisposed to several preterm birth triggering diseases and infections including periodontal diseases, maternal bacterial infections, yeast infections, aerobic vaginitis and other microbial infections.


    A combination of psycho-social and medical issues affecting pregnant women to a large extent increases the risk of having preterm births. For example maternal age, height and weight, race, pregnancy interval, medical history, nutrition, marital status and genetic make-up are factors that play a part in increasing the chances of preterm birth.


    A host of medical conditions surrounding the pregnancy are also risk factors for preterm births.  Research shows that where fertility medication was used to induce pregnancy, the risk of preterm birth is high. Also vaginal bleeding during pregnancy and too much or too little discharge of amniotic fluids are also factors that trigger preterm birth.


    Though it has not been proven that preterm births follow a defined family trend; there are still strong reasons pointing in the direction of preterm birth as a maternal genetic component. As such, a pregnant woman from a family with a history of one or two cases of preterm birth has a high risk of having one.


Natural Remedies to Prevent Preterm Birth

If you have been having the constant contractions and it feels like your uterus can’t hold out anymore, here are 5 natural ways to brace its strength to go all the way.


  • Take Plenty of Water

Water to avoid premature birthIt might sound so odd, and you may probably find it difficult to process how water consumption helps your uterus’ muscles. Well, your imaginations don’t have to go wide, it’s as simple as it used to be; just as water helps you relax after satisfying your taste, keeping your body well hydrated during pregnancy helps your uterus muscles to also relax. You should take a volume water equivalent to half of your weight daily.



  • Warm Bath

Warm bath during pregnancyHydrotherapy is another natural solution that has a calming effect on a contracting uterus. Taking warm baths regularly help stem the tide of frequent contractions. Warm baths here may not necessarily mean hot baths; it’s safe if the water is at body temperature of 36 degrees Celsius. Calming your nerves with warm baths also gives you ample opportunity to absorb as much mineral into your body system as possible. You know, minerals are so essential for your health and that of your little one at this time. One way you can seize your bath time to nourish your system with minerals is to add refined salts fortified with magnesium to your bath water. Your skin absorbs it pretty well as you shower.



  • Take lots of vitamin and mineral rich diet.

Vitamins-during-pregnancyAs a pregnant woman, your diet should be rich in magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamins. You would find them in abundance in rich in whole grains, fish, leafy green vegetables, fruits, legumes and seeds. As much as possible avoid sweetened foods, candies, foods saturated with refined sugar and cholesterol sources. Take more of probiotics and omega three food sources. Here are some specific rich dietary foods just to mention a few.

Brown rice
Pumpkin seeds
Fat-free yogurt
Cooked spinach
Roasted almonds
Salmon fish
Cray fish
Soya beans
Cooked millet


  • Take time to rest

Rest during pregnancyThe upheavals, physical stress and emotional strain are enough to trigger preterm labor. So ever so often, learn to break the fast pace life, deliberately choose to go slow but not necessarily low. You can keep an exciting slow paced life that affords you enough time for the much needed rest your baby needs to grow in there. Or also you can listen to your favorite music, chat with friends and family members, have your husband give you a pulsating massage and spa and the likes. These all have a way of reducing your cortisol level which greatly reduces the risk of going into preterm labor.



  • Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy during pregnancyAromatherapy is the use of natural essential oils to treat austere health conditions. Empirical studies have significant positive result to show that a natural oil like lavender has a soothing and moisturizing effect that douses every emotional and muscle tension. Since preterm labor is preceded by muscular contractions of the uterus, rubbing lavender oil on your abdomen helps calm the muscles of the uterus thereby reducing the chances of preterm labor.






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