Quick, Easy and Effective Tips for Excessive Nail Biting

Nail biting, is a behavioral activity that involves the biting of the nail or using the mouth for any other purpose different from its primary purpose of ingestion and speech making. This behavior is medically referred to as onychophagy. It is common to find children and adolescent indulging in the habit. However nail biting can be an impulse control disorder or an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Excessive nail biting tips

Signs and Symptoms

  • Broken skin around the cuticles
  • Redenning of the cuticles
  • Deformed finger nails
  • Complications
  • Nail viral infections
  • Gingival injury
  • Malocclusion of the anterior teeth
  • Occasional stomach bug


Natural Remedies for Stopping Nail Biting

If you have become so addicted to nail biting and you feel like you just can’t stop, here are five natural deterrents that can help you break free from the habit.

1. GarlicGarlic for nail biting

Garlic is known for its strong repelling scent and acrid taste yet it remains a viable antiseptic, antiviral and antibacteria. These two sides of garlic can be maximized to keep you off biting your nails and maintaining healthy nails. While the strong scent and unpleasant taste would serve the purpose of making your fingers distasteful in your mouth, the antiseptic properties would help kill every germ, bacteria and fungi lurking under your nails. The way to go about it is to cut a clove of garlic into two halves and rub one part on your nails and fingers; rubbing garlic oil on your fingers also works.


2. Trim your nailsTrim nails to avoid nail biting

You have something to bite because you are keeping long nails. If you keep your nails well trimmed, there would be nothing to bite and you naturally would keep your hands off your mouth. Besides, trimming your nails leaves no room for dirt to clog your nails. Once you keep your nails Short, well trimmed and tidy, you would only love to admire it and nothing more.


3. Neem OilNeem oil for nail biting

Without mincing words the stark bitter taste of neem oil serves as an effective deterrent to nail biting. Its antiviral and antiseptic properties also helps cleanse your nails and kill pathogens under your nails you could have carried on from other sources.




4. Nail Biting PolishNail biting polish

Several nail polishes have been formulated to discourage nail biting through their taste and color. Some nail polishes come with bitter components intentionally added to put off ardent nail biters. Nail biting polish helps restrain nail biting from a psychological angle. Deliberately, many polishes come in screaming colors that make a dent or chip from nail biting very obvious. It is the natural inclination for folks to boost their ego by showing off nicely polished flawless nails; a typical nail biter also carries this consciousness with a nail polish on and would most likely become cautious with nail biting.



5. Bitter GourdBitter gourd for nail biting

Its bitter so you won’t like the taste. This makes it fit as a perfect deterrent against nail biting. The process is simple; you just crush a gourd into a paste, thereafter, sift to extract the juice. Apply the juice on your fingers and you would have restrained yourself from nail biting.



Funny enough, you may have entered into the habit without knowing it. Now you want to consciously put a stop to it and you seem to be struggling without success. With time every trace of the nail biting impulse would be erased from your sub-conscious mind and you can be free from every compulsive urge to bite your nail.

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