Meningitis Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

What is meningitis? How do you get it? Meningitis is the inflammation in the lining around the brain and the spinal cord. Meningitis is generally caused by infection and the major meningitis causes include bacteria and virus which attack the lining of the brain and spinal cord. Most often this infection occurs in teenagers, young adults, and children.


Meningitis symptoms,causes,treatment



Meningitis symptoms

There are a few general symptoms of meningitis to look out for. They include

• Fever

• Severe and constant headache

• Stiff and painful neck

• Vomiting

• Seizures

Meningitis in babies cause symptoms like decreased appetite, meningitis rash, shrill cry and vomiting

• Signs of meningitis in young adults may include flu, cough, and trouble in breathing

Meningitis symptoms in adults may include a slight headache and fever

The above are the common symptoms of meningitis. Other diseases having common symptoms like meningitis are viral hepatitis and flu.

Encephalitis is another disease which has meningitis symptoms. It also occurs in children, young adults, and older adults. The similar and the most common symptoms of this disease are fever, headache, and photophobia, rash and so on. It is an acute swelling of the brain and is similar to meningitis.


Types of Meningitis

There are two types of meningitis-

• Viral Meningitis

• Bacterial Meningitis


Meningitis Treatment

As with any other disease, you can also treat meningitis at home with all the natural things. It is always good to go for herbal remedies as they are more natural and have less or no side-effects.

  • Garlic

Garlic for meningitisIt is considered a super food which is helpful in increasing the immunity of the body as it has allicin and various other organic compounds which have both antiviral and antibacterial properties. Garlic has the miraculous power to eliminate the infection. It is also effective in the cure of septicemia which has similar symptoms as meningitis.




  • Olive leaf extract 

Olive leaf extract for meningitis

Cryptococcal Meningitis can be cured by olive leaf extract effectively. It lowers inflammation, fever and eases pain and discomfort. It is famous for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.




  • Chlorella

Chlorella for meningitisThe most common remedies for meningitis is chlorella which is a small plant having major effects. It increases the blood cells in the hemoglobin and  helps in purification of your blood providing proper oxygenation.







  • Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi mushroom for meningitisThese are magical fungi which have been used for years because of their excellent medicinal properties. It promotes the stronger immune system and helps in reducing the dangerous inflammation caused by meningitis.




  • Astragalus 

Astragalus for meningitisThis herb is the most effective meningitis treatment. It brings back the immune system to normal and makes your life easier when you are suffering from this harsh disease.




  • Meningitis Vaccines

Meningitis vaccineThe Meningitis vaccines are the best ways to get rid of this disease. Meningitis B is a type of disease which affects teenagers, young adults and children the most. To cure this disease, meningitis B vaccine has been devised in the year 2015. This vaccine is FDA approved and is suitable for people under the age of 10 to 25 years.





The bacterial meningitis is much more dangerous than viral meningitis and one should take proper care in the first case of meningitis. In case the condition is severe then proper medication should be taken to avoid any severe effects. It is always better to see the doctor when you face any major meningitis symptoms. Herbal remedies work for bacterial meningitis but as soon as you get to know that the signs are hard to fight you should immediately take professional help.







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