What is Melena? Causes, Symptoms, Natural Treatment

The excretion of dark, black, tarry feces from the anus as a result of bleeding in the digestive tract is known as Melena. This bleeding usually occurs at the upper gastrointestinal part of the alimentary canal. However, it is easy to mistaken several other abnormal digestive conditions that result in the excretion of black tarry feces for melena. For example the consumption of iron supplements may result in defecating a black poop just like ingesting medications like Bismuth Subsalicylate or foods like blueberries, dark chocolate, liquorice or blood sausage.


Home remedies for melena

Causes of Black stool (Melena)

Here are some of the causes of black stool (melena)
• Peptic ulcer
• Bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract
• Hemorrhagic blood diseases
• Consumption of anticoagulant medications

Symptoms of Melena

Moreover, if you experience the following symptoms, you urgently need to commence treatment procedures for melena before things get really bad. Here a few of symptoms of acute melena..
• Stool as dark as a charcoal
• Paleness
• High blood pressure
• Shortness of breath
• Blood in stool
• Presence of substance resembling tar in stool


Natural remedies for the cure of Melena

While there exist a variety of treatment options for melena, the perfect one for you would depend on the severity of your case and the recommendation of your doctor. However, natural therapy have always ‘won’ in all situations and melena is no exception. Since there are more pluses that there are minuses for taking natural therapies, you may want to give these proven natural remedies a trial.

1. Take ProbioticsProbiotic foods for melena

Probiotics help in healing up the bleeding walls of the intestine and suppressing the abrading effect of Helicobacter Pylori bacteria on the walls of the intestine. You would find probiotics in dietary supplements and diary products like yogurt, pickles, coconut water. Pharmaceutical stores also package organically stored probiotics in capsule and tablets.



2. Take Plenty of WaterPlenty of water to avoid melena

The bleeding in your gut means that you are losing electrolyte. So it is ever so important that you replenish lost electrolyte and keep your body hydrated by drinking water regularly. Take more of fruit juice. This will also normalize your stool.



3. Fresh JuicesFresh juices for melena

Extracted fruit juice is a predigested source of vitamins, as such, enzymes and bacteria in your system are not called into action when you take them. This eliminates the contact point between enzymes and bacteria in your system on one hand and the blood from the bleeding part of your upper gut, thereby eliminating the formation of black stool.




4. The Aloe-vera juice TherapyAloevera juice for melena

Studies have shown that aloe-vera juice has soothing and healing effect on the surface of intestinal gut. It has antiviral components that enhances the closing up of internal wounds and Inflammation. Aloe-vera juice works best for this purpose when it comes natural without addictive and preservative components. you would also do well to sift the aloin, the laxative component, to get it working effectively almost immediately.



5. Take Natural AntibioticsNatural antibiotics for melena

Microorganisms and pathogens thrive in guts with open wounds. Needless to say they can worsen the condition and lead to other complications; so you just want to completely rid your tract of them at this time. You would keep them at bay if you take natural antibiotics like natural oils, garlic, ginger, fish oil, omega 3 fatty acids and cold- pressed flex seed oil.



With these natural remedies, your stool color would normalize and you can restore your alimentary tract to good running condition again.

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