Malaria Causes, Symptoms and Remedy

Malaria is an infectious disease which is spread by mosquitoes. A female anopheles mosquito carries plasmodium and transfers it to the blood when it bites. After the parasite enters the body, it starts multiplying in the liver and eventually affects the red blood cells. If it is not treated and dealt properly it can be fatal.

Malaria symptoms and treatment


Symptoms Of Malaria

malaria symptomsAlways look out for these symptoms especially if you are travelling in such countries where there is a high risk of malaria. And if you match any of the symptoms consult your doctor immediately. Symptoms include

  • Heavy sweating
  • Chills in the body
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Muscle pain
  • Diarrhea
  • High temperature
  • Jaundice
  • Blood in stools

Malaria mostly happens during summers and it is more common in African and third world countries. Symptoms usually appears 10-20 days after becoming infected.

Natural Ways To Cure Malaria

Along with medications, you should do home treatments to cure malaria as soon as possible. As herbal remedies are always a lot better than the topical medications you should always opt for natural herbal cures (along with the doctor’s prescription). So here are a few natural cures and remedies to cure malaria at home.

1. Lime and Lemon

lime and lemon for malariaLemon tea is well famous for treating tropical diseases. Lime and lemon play an important role to reduce the quartan type malarial fever.

What You Need To Do

Squeeze the juice from one lemon. And add 4 to 5 drops of lime to this juice. Now dissolve the mixture in one glass of water. You should take this mixture before the onset of fever.


2. Ginger And Raisins

ginger and raisin for malariaGinger has been used since centuries for the treatment of many chronic diseases. The diet of a patient is very important for the treatment of malaria. Adding ginger to the patient’s diet can reduce symptoms and make him feel much better.

What You Need To Do

Take a small pan and add 1 cup water. Add a piece of ginger with three table spoons of raisins. Bring the water to boil and let it cool. Strain the juice and give it to the patient. It will make him feel much better.


3. Grapefruit

grapefruits for malariaGrapefruit is a great remedy for curing this disease. It’s extract contains natural quinine substance which is beneficial for curing malaria.

What You Need To Do

Just boil a quarter of grapefruit in one cup of grapefruit and strain its pulp. You should take this pulp up to twice a day in addition to the normal course of treatment.


4. Basil Leaves

basil leaves for malariaBasil contains such properties which helps to reduce down fever. They are one of the oldest remedies to treat malaria. As they contain the vital components which protect damages to blood cells. Here is how to use them.

What You Need To Do

Take at least 15 basil leaves and extract it’s juice. Add two teaspoons of black pepper powder to it. Drink the juice daily in the morning. Or in the evening. This will help control the symptoms of malaria.


5. Alum

alum for malariaAlum is traditionally known salt in Indian Ayurveda and Chinese medicine system. Also it has been widely used in malarial vaccine development studies. The anti-parasitical properties of alum help relieve the symptoms of malaria.

What You Need To Do

First roast the alum and then grind it into a fine powder. Then take half a teaspoon before a suspected attacks like chills, fevers, shivering etc. And half teaspoon every 2 hours after the attacks for the relief and quick heal.



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