Most Effective And INSTANT Cure Of Labyrinthitis/Inner Ear Infection

Labyrinthitis is a disorder of inner ear. It is an inflammation in vestibular nerves of the inner ear and can appear in any age group no age limit is seen. Also known as vestibular neuritist, it is a most common complication of otitis media. Inflammation of inner ear occurs due to bacterial or viral infection. It is an autoimmune disease. Vascular ischemia can be considered as the result of an acute labyrinthine syndrome. It normally diminishes in three to six weeks, in some cases, it may also exist till one year. The infection can not exceed from the duration of one week.


Labyrinthitis symptoms causes treatment


Symptoms of Labyrinthitis

• Loss of balance

• Difficulty in focusing through eyes

• Vertigo

• Nausea

• Vomiting

• Dizziness

• Loss in listening high-frequency range sounds

• Buzzing ears

• Pain in ear


Cause of Labyrinthitis

Factors of labyrinthitis include

• respiratory illness

• viral infection in the inner ear

• herpes

• bacterial infection of the inner ear

• stomach viruses

• lyme disease

Risk of the appearance of labyrinthitis increases if the patient smoke, high intake of alcohol is done, stress, fatigue, allergic history and due to a side effect of aspirin. If the patient show symptoms such as fever, sudden weakness, paralysis, double vision, convulsion, and fainting then specialist must be concerned immediately.


Treatment through Natural Cure

1. SaltSalt for labyrinthitis

Salt is used as a pain releasing agent since centuries. For labyrinthitis, you should take a soft cotton cloth and heat on a pan or iron. Then apply hot salt bag on the inflamed area. This lowers down the swelling and pain. This kind of treatment is called dry heat therapy and is very effective in an ear infection. To counter the effect, one should also take antiviral drug along with the dry salt heat treatment.


2. Crinum latifolium / SudarshanSudarshan for labyrinthitis

It is a flowering shrub found in topical and is commonly used as a decorative plant. Leaves of Sudarshan have potent property to cure ear infections. Along with its other benefits, it is also very useful in labyrinthitis. 2 leaves of Sudarshan crushed together with water and the extracted juice when poured in the ear can help in countering the viral infection as well as pain and inflammation.



3. BasilBasil for labyrinthitis

Basil is one of the most strongest antibacterial drugs and a good remedy for treating ear infections. Five to six basil leaves taken and crushed together to form juice. This juice drunk orally and a few drops poured in the ear can cure the infection.



4. Neem oilNeem oil for labyrinthitis

Neem is a plant with multiple properties. Among other properties neem also have antimicrobial potential. Lukewarm neem oil poured in the affected ear can kill the viral infection and its anti-inflammatory property helps in reduction of inflammation of labyrinth.






5. White vinegarWhite vinegar for labyrinthitis

White vinegar is an acidic solution. This solution is toxic to the causative virus of labyrinthitis. It also stops bacterial growth inside the ear. One to drops of white vinegar poured inside the ear and a small heat provided to the ear externally can kill the infection and will also reduce the pain.





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