Hepatitis A – Signs, Symptoms, Prevention, and Natural Remedies

Hepatitis A is an inflammatory disease caused by hepatitis virus. This virus transmits from one person to another by contaminated feces, food prepared by the person having hepatitis A, sneezing, cough, etc. The disease can be diagnosed using common blood tests. Hepatitis A vaccine protects you against the disease and two shots are required. These shots don’t protect you against other hepatitis like B, C, E etc.

Hepatitis A Symptoms Causes


Hepatitis A Symptoms

Here are a few symptoms one should always look for…

• Jaundice

• Belly pain

• Nausea

• Loss of appetite

• Fever

• Diarrhea

• Fatigue

• Liver damage

Children often have fewer symptoms than these. The virus spread 2 weeks before you actually feel any symptoms.

Who is at the highest risk?

• If you live with the person having hepatitis A symptoms

• If you live in or travel to countries where this disease is very common

• Men who make love with men

• Kids in child care and their respective teachers

• If you take illegal drugs

Hepatitis A Treatment

Along with other medications, you should also focus on natural and home remedies for ailments like these. Here are a few herbal remedies for this disease


Fruits and Vegetables

fruits and vegetables for hepatitis a One of the best ways of hepatitis A cure is to take a well-balanced diet. Increase the intake of your fruits and vegetables as they have anti-inflammatory effects. Also, it is recommended that the patients must keep their body hydrated all the time.




Peppermint Oil

peppermint oil for hepatitis aPeppermint oil boosts your energy level and helps you in getting rid of nausea. These are among the most common symptoms of hepatitis A. There are many types of hepatitis and all of them cause lack of energy and fatigue. Peppermint oil is effective in treating all of them.





Ginger Tea

Ginger tea for hepatitis aA symptoms include nausea and indigestion. Both of them can be treated if you drink ginger tea on a regular basis. It boosts your immune system and turns it to normal in very less time.




Nuts and Seeds

nuts and seeds for hepatitis a Nuts and seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds and walnut are effective for treating the hepatitis A symptoms.








Turmeric for hepatitis aIt is another anti-inflammatory spice like ginger which is the most effective treatment for hepatitis A. Patients with hepatitis A should try to incorporate turmeric as much as they can.




Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushroom for hepatitis a It is a well-known herb used in treating the Hepatitis A symptoms. It is one of the best remedies for the disease.




. Hepatitis A Vaccine

Hepatitis A VaccineHepatitis A vaccine is the best hepatitis A cure. You can also take immuno globulin within 2 weeks of coming in contact with the infected person. It is important to maintain a good hygiene as well. Hepatitis A vaccine is given to those having blood clotting problem, little ones, those who take illegal drugs and those men who have sex with other men.





You can prevent it by having hepatitis A vaccine at the right time. Use the home remedies to get rid of the symptoms of hepatitis A but if the condition becomes out of your control, reach the professional doctor as soon as possible. Get plenty of rest and exercise and save yourself from the severe effects of hepatitis A. Also, it is important to take care of your overall health. Wash your hands before and after you eat or change diapers for your baby.


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