Hepatitis C, Symptoms, Causes, Natural Remedies

What is Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is an infectious disease caused by a virus and leads to liver failure, liver disease, and liver cancer. Most people don’t get to know they have hepatitis C until their liver gets damaged completely. Hepatitis C can take sometimes years to get recognized. Some people get treated in just a few days or weeks of having the infection. But it has been seen that most people who are diagnosed with HCV take years to get treated because the symptoms become chronic. It can be a dangerous disease but still, people manage to live a happy life.

Hepatitis Csymptoms causes and natural treatment


Hepatitis C Causes

Hep C is caused by Hepatitis C virus and spread if any person comes in contact with the blood of the infected person. It can be caused if you share needles with the infected person. Also, if you come in contact with the blood of the infected person, HCV can transfer to your body making you infected. The risk of spreading Hepatitis C through sexual contact is very less. Hepatitis C transmission is by just simple bodily contact.


Hepatitis C Symptoms

• Jaundice

• Sore muscles

• Itchy skin

• Fatigue

• Joint pain

• Belly pain

• Yellowish skin and eyes

• Poor appetite

• Dark urine

• Swelling in your legs

• Bleeding easily

• Bruising easily

• Confusion and drowsiness

It is known that chronic HCV starts with an acute one. The early symptoms if diagnosed are easier to treat. As soon as you get to see any symptoms you should get yourself diagnosed for the Hep C disease.


Hepatitis C Treatment

There are many methods of treatment of hepatitis C which may include medications and treatment by a physician but to start with you can always rely on the home remedies for hep C.

• Zinc

Zinc for hepatitis cIt is necessary for an excellent liver function. It also plays an important role in making your body immune. Weight loss, hair loss, and hepatitis C can be treated by the intake of zinc in your normal diet. It is also one of the powerful antioxidants which help in fighting HCV. Whole grains, oysters, chickpeas, nuts and dairy products contain high amount of zinc. So make sure to incorporate high amount of zinc in your daily diet.



• Black seed oil

black-seed oil for hepatitis cBlack seed oil offers a large range of health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties which make the liver stronger. And also has the power to increase the resistance power of the body and makes you immune and better. It also protects your liver from liver damage. You just need to add one to two drops of black seed oil in half glass of lukewarm water and consume it daily. This remedy also works for Hepatitis B.


• Probiotic food

Probiotic food for hepatitis cFood containing probiotics helps in supporting your liver as it is beneficial bacteria which increase the liver function. Foods like bananas, sweet potato, ginger etc. are rich in probiotics. Yogurt is one of the best probiotic foods. You should consume yogurt and other probiotic foods to get fast and effective results against hep c.




• Physical activity

Exercise for hepatitis cExercise is a must if you are fighting against hepatitis c. You may not want to exercise when you’re living with hepatitis C , but you should consider it as a part of the treatment plan. Exercising improves your over-all health and physical well-being. Engage in physical activity and you will see the best results on your body. You can indulge in yoga, pilates, and light aerobics to keep your energy levels high.



• Vitamin D

Vitamin D for hepatitis cVitamin D deficiency contributes to liver fibrosis and liver damage. Therefore people with hepatitis c should increase  their vitamin D intake. They can do it by taking daily dose of morning sunlight or by dieter products like mushrooms, cheese, tuna, salmon etc. Vitamin D helps in increasing the immunity of the body making you stronger to fight the virus. It also uplifts the mood and fight against diabetes as well.




If the home remedies don’t seem enough for you then you should switch to medications and physical treatment as soon as possible.


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