What is a Dog Bite | First Aid and Treatment through Natural Cure

The “dog bite” is a kind of infection which appears after someone has been bitten by a dog. The patient infected via dog bite normally get infected by rabies. Along with the rabies other infections can also occur such as MRSA, tetanus, pasteurella and capnocytophaga canimorsus. Bergeyella zoohelcum is an emerging infection transmitted through dog bites. Infection with B. zoohelcum from dog bites can lead to bacteremia.

Dog bite natural cure

Prevention from Dog Bite

They say prevention is better than cure. The primary prevention should be that the dog must be vaccinated for rabies, so that it’s bite does not cause rabies infection. The infection of rabies can occur from dog’s teeth, saliva and nails. The CDC and the American Veterinary Medical Association have published recommendations. These recommendations encourage precautions such as

• Not to approach an unfamiliar dog.

• Do not run from a dog

• Remain motionless or stand steady when approached by an unfamiliar dog

• Curl into a ball, while protecting your head and ears if knocked over

• Don’t panic and make loud noises

• Report dogs that are behaving strangely, so that they may be taken under the care

• Never disturb a dog caring its puppies

• Do not pet a strange dog

• Do not encourage your dog to behave aggressively

• Never allow small children to play with dogs being unsupervised

• Avoid contact with an ill dog, he can be infected through various viruses.

• Avoid waking the dog – call the dog by name

• Never retrieve objects from the dog’s mouth

• Always avoid face-to-face interaction with the dog

• Always reduce the dog’s interaction with children

• Never try to break up a dogfight


Dog Bite Treatment

Following are some common first aids to be given to the patients of dog bites

• Use clean towel over the injury to stop any bleeding.

• The injured area should remain elevated to avoid bleeding

• Wash the bitten area and be careful with soap as it may cause unnecessary pain.

• The wound must be bandaged carefully with a sterile bandage.

• To prevent spreading infection, antibiotic ointment must be applied topically on the wound.


Treatment through Natural Cure

Common herbal drugs for the recovery of the dog bite are the following:

1. AsafoetidaAsafoetida-for-dog-bite

Take two spoon of Asafoetida powder and sprinkle over the wound. Asafoetida is highly antibiotic. It also is carminative, antiviral and anticoagulant. It helps in clotting of blood and prevents excessive blood loss of the patient.






2. Herbal MixtureGarlic aloe vera and neem for dog bite

Mixture of Aloe vera, neem paste and garlic is beneficial for the dog bite patient. Neem has multiple properties. And garlic is a good antimicrobial agent. Hence they can easily prevent the infection from spreading.



3. PepperPepper for dog bite

It is an ancient belief that cumin seeds and pepper are the medicines of the wound. Pepper has a very high potential to kill viruses. It can also kill rabies virus very effectively. So it is best to use a mixture of both on the wound so that the infection subsides.





4. Mustard OilMustard oil for dog bite

Mustard oil also has antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. It is one of the best remedies for dog bite infection. So take a cotton ball and soak it in some mustard oil. Apply directly on the wound. This will not only heal the wound but will also help in fading away the pain.






5. Walnut and onionWalnut and onion for dog bite

Onion has great anti-fungal and antiviral properties while walnut helps in neutralizing infections. You should make a poultice of walnut and onion with wheat flour and apply the mixture on the wound as many times as you can. This remedy works wonders for the dog bite.





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