How do you get Candida? Most Effective Natural Ways to Treat Candidiasis

Candidiasis is a health condition where the body is infected by candida, a fungi infection that affects mostly the mouth and the genitals. You would have probably heard of yeast infection; it isn’t anything different from candidiasis. Yeast infection is the name it is given when it affects the male or female genital. If the infection affects the mouth it is called thrust. While thrust affects mostly infants, genital candidiasis affect the adult populace. However, whatever the primary area of infection, candidiasis is capable of spreading to other parts of the body thereby leading to other forms of secondary candidiasis and complications including skin candidiasis, nail candidiasis, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract and respiratory tract candidiasis infections.


Candidiasis home remedies

Signs and Symptoms

  • Thrush
  • Tongue show white patches
  • Soreness of the mouth and throat
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Yeast Infection
  • White cheese-like discharge from the female genital(vagina)
  • Itching in the genitals
  • Uncomfortable burning sensation in the genitals
  • The penis having a red skin around the head in males
  • Swelling
  • Irritation
  • The head of the penis feeling itchy and sore.
  • The penis discharging thick and lumpy fluids
  • Offensive odor
  • Painful urination
  • Retracting the foreskin with difficulty.

Candidiasis Cause

You are likely to suffer an infection from candidiasis if you are immunosuppressed, taking corticosteroids, suffering from diabetes, taking an antibiotic therapy, pregnant or have a weak immune system.

Natural Remedies for the Treatment of Candidiasis

Fatalities shouldn’t result from candidiasis if you arrest it early. But if you are not so sure of what medication to take. Here are five easy remedies for candidiasis

1. Apple Cider VinegarCandidiasis home remedies

While candida, the fungi responsible for candidiasis is naturally part of the body’s flora, an excess of it what leads to an infection. Normally, the immune system regulates and prevents microorganisms in the systems flora from infecting any part of the body but where they are weak, a fungi like candida go beyond bounds to wreck the havoc. But apple cider vinegar restore the functioning of the body’s immune system by creating the right pH balance and releasing enzymes. The direction for use is to add a tablespoon of fresh apple cider vinegar to glass of water and drink it before eating. You can also apply it directly on the infected area. Whichever way you use it, you may experience heightened symptoms almost immediately, but as you continue with the treatment, you’ll get better.


2. GarlicGarlic for candidiasis

Garlic continues to remain a rich therapeutic natural supplement you can rely on as an effective anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral just to mention a few of its active agents that counters infections. As it concerns candidiasis, garlic contains sulfur that helps inhibit the excess growth and spread of the candida fungi. It is recommended that you consume about 3 cloves of ginger equivalent to 600 to 900mg daily.



3. Tea Tree OilTea tree oil for candidiasis

Tea tree oil is one aromatic therapy which contains strong anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains terpenin, an element that is so potent at killing fungi; its anti-inflammatory property rehabilitates inflammatory spots in the body caused by the candida fungi. To treat mouth thrush, gargle with water mixed with about seven drops of tea tree oil. If you want to treat yeast infection, soak a tampon with tea tree oil and insert it into the vagina.


4. Coconut OilCoconut oil for candidiasis

Coconut oil works as an effective remedy for candidiasis due to its medium-chain fatty acids like lauric, caprylic and capric acid. Studies show that these saturated fats have antimicrobial properties that help kill Candida fungi without leading to the development of strains of candida that are more resistant to other anti-fungal treatments. Apply coconut oil topically on the affected area three or four times a day until you see improvement. You can also include it in your daily diet tart with one teaspoon of organic virgin coconut oil daily, gradually increasing the dosage to up to three tablespoons per day.


5. Take ProbioticsProbiotics for candidiasis

Probiotics would help add beneficial bacteria to your gut that would compete and temper the dominance of fungi in your system. Natural sources of probiotics include yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut. Therefore patients with candidiasis should incorporate probiotics in their daily diet in order to get rid of it quickly.


6. Oil of OreganoOregano oil for candidasis

Another aroma-therapeutic solution of candidiasis is the use of oregano oil which contains carvacrol, a compound that checks the excessive growth of candida. And in addition to that, it comes packed full with anti-fungal and antimicrobial components that greatly reduce your chances of having complications. You can apply topically directly on the infected area or drink it twice daily.



Candidiatis isn’t so serious at the onset but you don’t want to suffer terrible complications for been complacent. So the way to go is to attack it with these remedies as soon as you see the signs.



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