Breast Cancer Symptoms, Prevention and Remedies

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a serious condition that affects the breast tissue and is extremely prevalent, especially among women. You may have some idea of the severity of this disease, but might still be finding yourself asking: what is breast cancer? It’s important to be aware of breast cancer symptoms ahead of time in order to catch the disease early. There are numerous treatment options that involve radiotherapy, but like most cancers, timing is crucial.


What is breast cancer

Breast Cancer in Men


Breast cancer in men


It is the most common cancer for women to develop, but there is also a strong possibility of finding it in men as well. Male breast cancer may not be as common, but it is just as serious and needs to be treated similarly.


Breast Cancer Ribbon


Breast cancer ribbon


You have seen friends or family members wearing breast cancer ribbons to support the large numbers of women who have been affected by this disease. One in eight American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Despite its frequency, the survival rate is usually good depending on the patient’s position along the various breast cancer stages.


Breast Cancer Symptoms

Whether it be inflammatory breast cancer or a less severe form of the disease, symptoms are usually easy to identify. It’s still important to make an appointment with a physician to properly diagnose the condition with either special breast screening, a breast exam, or a mammogram. Signs and symptoms of breast cancer include

  • breast pain
  • a painful lump in the breast or hardness
  • enlarged lymph nodes in nearby areas like the armpit
  • changes in the shape, size, or color of the affected breast
  • redness and scaly or swollen skin on the breast
  • nipple turning inward
  • swelling of breast

Any of these symptoms could be the result of a breast cyst or a malignant lump in the breast. If you experience any of these symptoms, do not try and diagnose yourself. Go see your physician and have him or her perform a breast exam to determine the root cause of your symptoms. Many times breast calcifications can mimic a cancerous growth, so it’s best not to leave a possible breast cancer diagnosis up to chance. Doctors can even perform a breast biopsy if necessary.


Breast Cancer Treatment

Generally, chemotherapy is used to shrink cancer cells in the event of a diagnosis. However, if either chemotherapy or radiotherapy is not an option, there are other treatments and solutions available.

  • Diet 

Diet for breast cancer treatmentDiets high in garlic, broccoli, grapes, wheat grass, green tea, lignans, soybeans, vitamin D and calcium help combat the symptoms of breast cancer and make the disease more manageable. These foods lessen the severity of breast cancer and slow its progression. So, one should incorporate these things in daily diet to combat breast cancer.



  • Fresh Juices

Juices for breast cancerResearch shows that freshly prepared juices from organic fruits and vegetables help fight cancerous cells in the body. But the juice should be prepared fresh to preserve the nutritional content. This is important to prevent denaturation — when vitamins, minerals and enzymes are destroyed.



  • Exercise

Exercise for breast cancerHire a certified personal trainer around your area who has a history of working with breast cancer survivors. He would help you start exercising and may tell you any precautions you might need to take. But don’t exhaust yourself and rest when you need it.



  • Surgery

Surgery for breast cancerOne of the other most common courses of treatment is surgery. Options include a lumpectomy, a partial mastectomy, a radical mastectomy and various forms of reconstruction to remove cancerous tissue.





With proper health, regular check-ups, and good awareness, the disease is sometimes preventable. In the event that it does occur, it’s important to discuss treatment options with your physician before the illness reaches more advances stages like stage 3 or stage 4 breast cancer. It may be an epidemic, but breast cancer doesn’t always have to take lives if treated properly.

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