Septicaemia, Sepsis Symptoms, Signs of Sepsis, Prevenetion and Home Treatment for Sepsis

Septicemia is also called blood poisoning. It occurs due to bacterial infection in the blood. Blood poisoning is also termed as bacteremia or sepsis. Sepsis is a fatal infection of the blood. These bacteria reach in blood through other organs such as lungs, kidney etc. it can be lethal if untreated. The untreated septicemia is called as sepsis. The blood clots and low or null supply of oxygen can occur in this condition, which culminates in organ death. It is also called as septic shock and it is lethal.


Blood poisoning causes treatment

Symptoms of Septicemia

In sepsis, the patient appears to be extremely sick. Further symptoms include

• Chills

• Fever

• Fast inhalation

• Rapid heart rate

• Nausea and vomiting

• Decreased urine production

• Shocks in blood vessels


Causes of Blood Poisoning

Septicemia occurs due to bacterial infection. This infection can lead due to urinary tract infection, lung infection, kidney infection, abdominal infection. High risk of septicemia appears if wounds or burns, old age, HIV infection, use of a catheter if the patient is on a ventilator and to the patient receiving chemotherapy.

Septic shock: In septicemia lowering of blood pressure is a major symptom. It is called septic shock. The toxins are released in blood and cause low blood flow which results in low oxygen supply to organs and results in organ death.

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS): It is a lethal condition which prevents low oxygen supply to blood and lungs. It results in permanent lung damage. Brain cells are also affected due to the low oxygen supply. This can result in serious mental conditions.


Treatment through Natural Cure


1. TurmericTurmeric for sepsis

Turmeric is one of the herbs with most promising results because of its multiple properties. It also helps in increasing the protein level in the body. Being antibiotic in nature turmeric fights against blood infection. It boosts the immune system and also reduces free radicals. Turmeric boiled with one glass of milk and taken daily in the morning can be an effective drug for blood poisoning.



2. Garlic

Garlic for sepsisGarlic is also one of the best remedies for blood poisoning. It has the active component allicin. It is used against wound, infection, and gangrene. Eating garlic daily with the meal can fight septicemia. Engulfing raw cloves of garlic can serve as an effective drug for many diseases.





3. HoneyHoney for sepsis

Honey has the capacity to boost the immune system. Two spoons of pure honey consumed everyday native, with water, with milk or in tea can easily neutralize free radicals and boost the immune system which can prevent bacterial infection in the blood.




4. Green Gram or Mung BeanMung bean for sepsis

This extract is very good in nullifying the septic infection. It decreases the function of DNA protein associated with inflammation. Eating mung beans daily can improve the condition and helps fight sepsis. You can have mung beans either in boiled form or in the form of soup.

You need to..

Soak some green grams in water for about 1 hour. Strain the water from the beans and boil it in two cups of water, add some salt and pepper and have it in breakfast or lunch. This will clear the infection from your blood.





5. LobeliaLobelia for sepis

It is the one of the most effective herbs for blood poisoning. Seek help with a herbalist on how to use this herb for sepsis. The paste of lobelia mixed with water is very effective and applied as bandage can effectively work in case of sepsis.









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