Benefits Of Chewing Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are one of the flowering plant species in the carrot family. They look like cumin seeds but are more greener. They are a rich source of B Vitamin C, proteins, dietary fiber and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese. This dried seed has many uses which we have compiled for you to live a more healthier life.


Benefits of chewing fennel seeds


Fennel Seeds Benefits

Some of the most common benefits of fennel seeds include the following…

1. Amazing Mouth Freshener

Fennel seeds as mouth freshenerFennel seeds are amazing for people with problems of foul smell coming from mouth. Many people eat fennel seeds at the end of every meal in order have a good breath. It aids in increasing the amount of saliva created in our mouth which in turn fastens the process of digestion. The anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties of the seeds help fight different germs which are the cause of bad breath. So chewing on a few fennel seeds after any meal can sweeten and refresh your breath in a healthier way.


2. Relief from Menstrual Pains

Fennel seeds for menstrual crampsResearch has shown that fennel seed can reduce the number of symptoms responsible for menstrual pain. Moreover, it stimulates and regulates the flow of blood in the pelvic and uterine area. Hence, during a period of menstrual pain, we should try to eat fennel seeds as much as we can.



3. Stops Water Retention

Fennel seeds for water retentionThese seeds also contain such diuretic properties which can help in removing excess fluids from our body. Drinking fennel tea on a daily basis can help prevent water retention. These diuretic properties of fennel seed also help a person in losing his/her weight.



4. Helps In Digestion

Fennel seeds for digestionEating fennel seeds is a great way to help digest your food. They start working on digesting our food right from the time they are chewed. It has such carmative properties that soothe the digestive tract and prevent the formation of gas. Apart from this, it also helps in relieving us from constipation, stomach pains and heartburn. 


5. Skin Benefits

fennel seeds for skinFennel seeds are also great for our skin. The anti bacterial properties present in the seeds help to get your skin clear from acne. It can also deep cleanse our skin by clarifying dust, excess dead cells and germs from deep within our skin. Moreover, fennel seeds are also an instant relief for puffy eyes.



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