What is Arthritis? Types, Natural Ways for Joint Pain Relief

Arthritis is a Greek word used to refer to joint pain and other associated join disorders. The word ‘arthritis’ is a compound of two Greek words, ‘anthro’ and ‘itis’, meaning joint and inflammation respectively. While arthritis is a leading cause of disability worldwide, it should be noted that it is primarily not a disease but a primary or secondary symptom of joint-related disease. There are over hundred types of such joint-related diseases with arthritis as a primary symptom. However, these joint related diseases can be classified into two groups which are inflammatory Arthritis joint related diseases and non-inflammatory arthritis. Read on to get to know more about both types of arthritis.

What is arthritis, types, causes, cure


∇ Inflammatory Arthritis

This group of joint related diseases can all be traced to the immune system’s abnormal inflammation of the joint. Joint related diseases in this class include Psoriatic arthropathy arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, adult-onset still’s disease and so many others. General symptoms of inflammatory arthritis include:
• Stiffness
• Arching joints
• Inability to move joint freely
• Fatigue
• Depletion in physical strength

More so, the most common form of inflammatory arthritis is Rheumatoid arthritis. Here is a bit of more explanation on its causes, signs and symptoms.

∇ Rheumatoid Arthritis

This is a joint disorder that results from the immune system responding abnormally to neurons from a normal body part. At this point in the medical field, there really is no consensus on the cause of Rheumatoid Arthritis. But then, certain genetic and environmental factors have been identified to increase the risk of having the joint disorder; such factors include a family history and smoking. Other complications that could result from rheumatoid arthritis include low red blood cell count, inflammation around the lungs and heart. Symptoms include swollen tender and warm joints, nodule spots on the skin, development of lung nodules.

∇ Non-inflammatory Arthritis

This second class of joint related disease arises out of the wearing out of the lubrication tissues of the joint. Eventually this also results in some of inflammation; but not as severe as that rheumatoid arthritis, though. The only type of arthritis in this class is osteoarthritis. Some details on this type of arthritis are provided below.

∇ Osteoarthritis

A patient suffers this joint disease as a result of the depletion of the joint cartilage. Joint pain from Osteoarthritis is usually felt at the neck, lower back, knees, hips, ends of fingers and the thumb. Think of the joint cartilage as the lubricant between the two bones connected at a joint. When the cartilage wears off, the two bones are in direct contact and therefore generate friction. The friction generated causes severe joint pain. Other osteoarthritis symptoms include:

• Cracking noise while moving
• Joint locking
• Increased joint pain with cold temperature and high humidity
• Red and swollen toes and fingers
• Formation of hard knobs on the finger joints


Arthritis Treatment:

A couple of treatment methods are available for different cases of arthritis. These methods include physical therapy, medications, surgery and alternative natural treatment therapies. Some of the proven natural remedies include.

1. Consumption of anti-inflammatory dietAnti-inflammatory diet for cancer patients

Since inflammation is a major pain trigger for all types of arthritis, counteracting them by consuming foods that help prevent them from forming would go a long way to improve your skeletal health. Your diet should include foods high in sulfur, amino acids and foods high in fiber. Rich sources of these nutrients include Salmon, beef, walnuts, garlic, cabbage, vegetables, avocado and beans.



2.  Maintaining a good weight balanceGood weight in arthritis

Studies have shown that having excess body fat for your height puts a strain on the bones and joints. The bad part of this that hurts your joints and bones without you knowing it is that body fats are also a collection of cells that make up a tissue capable of releasing hormones and chemicals that encourage and create the conditions for the inflammation of the joints and bones. If you shed off such excess weight, you would have well nipped arthritis in the bud.


3. Regular ExerciseRegular exercise to avoid arthritis

While this may rather seem a bitter pill for those living with arthritis, the therapeutic benefits are just so immense. Yes, it may be difficult to move your joint and body parts at the beginning. But as you keep at it with the compliment of other natural treatment remedies, you would record significant improvement in the agility of the muscle around the affected joint, you would experience less strain and better hormonal regulation. All of these sum up in rolling back the effect and spread of inflammation to other parts of your joints and bone.



4. Usage of the Boswellia TherapyBoswellia oil for arthritis

The Boswellia oil also called the Indian oil in the alternative comes with natural healing effects that deal with inflammation and joint pains. To apply it on the surface of the affected joint, mix it with coconut oil before spreading and rubbing it on the surface. Boswellia oil gives you pain relief from arching joints, hips, muscle and joint by influencing your immune system, reducing your body’s response to sensitivities and regulating the activities of white blood cells in the body.


5.  Get manipulative therapyMassage therapy for arthritis

A good number of arthritis cases have been successfully handled by health facilities that offer chiropractic manipulation of the joint area and other stiff areas where it aches. Acupuncture, massage therapies and relaxation therapies have been recommended as solutions to arthritis by medical training centers and health institutions.



On the whole, arthritis may appear a health condition that can make you feel most miserable all your life. But with the right knowledge and using the available cheap natural therapies, you can regain your happiness and live a normal life.




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