Anemia Signs, Causes, Types, Diagnosis and Natural Cure

Anemia is a health condition occasioned by a short-fall in the red blood cell level of the blood. It can also occur when the blood is unable to circulate oxygen to all parts of the body. Anemia is one blood dysfunction plaguing billions all over the world. Quite a few reasons are responsible for anemia but all do point in the direction of blood loss or a below-normal blood level.

Anemia signs, causes, natural treatment

Anemia Symptoms

loss of consciousness, extreme thirst, frequent fainting and paleness of the skin.To reiterate it, the following signs suggest you could have anemia. If you notice you have them, its time to go for you to ascertain your hemoglobin status at the nearest medical facility. Anemia signs include

  • Constant feeling of extreme tiredness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Hair loss
  • Paleness of the skin
  • Very fast heart beat
  • Leg cramps
  • Difficulty in concentrating

However, over time, the patient starts having serious anemia symptoms including

  • Loss of consciouness
  • Extreme thirst
  • Frequent fainting
  • Paleness of the skin
  • Dizziness


Types and Causes of Anemia

Anemia can be traced to multiple causes. While some of them are lifestyle issues, a few are acute health conditions and some others are hereditary. Here is a run-down of those conditions that result in anemia.

  • Iron Deficiency :

The bone marrow needs iron to produce blood; where the body is starved of adequate iron nutrients, there is just nothing for the bone marrow to produce hemoglobin (Red Blood Cells). And of course, this results in low red blood cell count in the body’s system. In addition to the general anemia symptoms stated above, specific iron deficiency symptoms include

  • Poor appetite
  • Frail nails
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Chest pain
  • Headache and dizziness
  • Acute Health Conditions :

Certain serious diseases that thrive in the body by first attacking the body’s major running systems like the circulatory system and antibodies also kill the production of hemoglobin in the body’s system. Such diseases include HIV AIDs, Cancer, Arthritis and a host of others.

  • Aplastic Anemia:

The consumption of certain dangerous chemicals like lead can permanently affect the body’s capacity to produce hemoglobin resulting in aplastic anemia.

  • Anemia in Pregnancy:

During pregnancy a woman’s body needs an above-normal nutrition of iron and folic acid. That’s obviously because, that’s because a woman’s food in-take is now shared with her fetus. To this end, a woman can become anemic if there is no corresponding increase in folate and iron rich foods.

  • Sickle-Cell Anemia:

This is a type of anemia that is hereditary in nature. It occurs as a result of the production weak hemoglobin cells in the body. These cells makes the blood cells assume a very different shape looking more like a sickle. Blood cells with this shape die faster, as such, lead to a perpetual shortage of hemoglobin in the body.


Natural Remedies to treat Anemia

Here are a five recommended purely natural solutions to rid your system of anemia or at worse reduce its effect to the barest minimum.


1. Avoid high intensity cardiovascular exercisesNo cardiovascular exercise in anemia

While cardiovascular exercises promises health benefits, for those having anemic symptoms, exercise should be restraint. Yes, cardiovascular activities do help in blood circulation but if you do get into intense aerobics as an anemic patient, you do also risk loosing hemoglobin.


2. Take food supplementsIron supplements for anemia

As an anemic patient, your body’s need for a balanced diet more than doubles that of an average person. Your body might not get all the nutrients it needs for jerking up blood production from the consumption of staple foods alone. Therefore, there is need for you to take supplements rich in nutrients like vitamins B complex and folic acid to make-up the body’s nutrient deficiency.


3. Cultivate habits that improve digestive healthGood digestion in anemia

All the effort in taking rich food sources and consuming balanced diet can come to nothing if your body finds it difficult to breakdown and absorb nutrients into the blood stream. The small intestine is so crucial in this whole process. Where the small intestine is damaged or leaky, a patients body would most certainly have problems with absorbing the necessary nutrients for blood production into the body. The remedy here is to cultivate habits that would help cover up leaky guts and enhance nutrient absorption in the digestive tracts. Such habits include taking fruit juices, avoiding consumption of alcohol, chewing food well before swallowing and taking probiotics like collagen.


4. Ease stressEase stress in anemia

When you are stressed out, a whole lot of chain reaction occurs that impinge on your body’s ability to produce blood follow. Your body’s first response to stress is to release hormones like leptin and ghrelin. These hormones excites your brain’s pleasure centers that drives the desire to make you want junky foods and sweeteners that affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrients needed by the body for blood formation. Also stress wears out the very important organs of your body including your liver and spleen both extremely crucial to blood formation. You just must deal with and ease stress naturally by engaging in more fun and living a generally happy life.



5. Red meat and other iron laden foodsIron-rich foods in anemia

Increase your consumption of iron-rich foods. If you have been diagnosed with anemia resulting from iron deficiency, then the solution is quite simple. Consume more of iron laden foods. It’s so good that nature has blessed us with so many iron rich sources. Red meats and vegetables particularly have high iron content. You want to look at consuming foods like beef, chicken liver, fish, lettuce, beetroot, broccoli and spinach. Legumes like all the beans variants, dried fruits and cereals enriched with iron make excellent choices also.





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