About Us

I always wonder why are we getting to hear about so many deadly diseases and illness  on a daily basis which we never heard before. Living in such a world where you hardly find pure fruit or vegetable without contamination is next to impossible.

I’ve compiled here some trouble-free and efficient herbal treatments from all corners of the world. While using natural products you can simply cure ANY disease. Though it may take a little more time than the counter medications but these are always safer than the rest. I, personally am not a big fan of drugs. And would rather go for something natural or organic to avoid medicines as much as I can. Since my childhood I’ve seen my grandmother doing these quick home remedies. On seeing the out-turn I’ve revived my faith in these “in your pantry” items and how they can helpful towards your personal well being.

During the Medieval Ages, in around 1400, the average age of a person was 35, as the doctors did not have a clue what caused the disease. This led them in discovering the herbal remedies which were widely followed afterwards. Recently, historians have suggested that Medieval treatments (especially the herbal treatments) were more successful than the Allopathic medicine.

Most of the medicines, those days were homemade and weren’t too complicated too. Simple medicines consisted of a single ingredient, usually a herb. And if they required various ingredients or preparation in advance, they would purchase them from a general apothecary.